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As children progress to our Preschool Classes, we continue to reinforce and build upon previously learned skills. We also work to help children visually recognize and write their names. Our activities offer them ample time to learn through play, as they practice writing, tracing, cutting, gluing and painting. Letter and number recognition is formally introduced

this year. Each day is a new adventure full of music, movement, art, discovery and fun!


These classes meet the needs of the children turning three by October 1st. The children continue to develop their social skills and independence, as they work on school readiness skills. Learning experiences offered to the children revolve around hands-on activities. We bring reading, writing, music, movement, art and science together using books, songs, imaginary play, science experiments, cooking activities and art projects. As we offer the children new experiences, we expand vocabulary and add to children’s previous knowledge base.


One Certified Teacher and an Assistant with each class of 14 children.

THREES Classes

Age: 3 by October 1st


Schedules Offered:

Monday - Thursday 9:00a - 12:00p


Monday - Friday 9:00a - 12:00p

Monday - Friday 9:00a - 1:00p

Monday - Friday 9:00a - 2:30p

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