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In our Young Learners Classes, the children are introduced to a school setting as they learn to separate from their parents. The main focus is social interaction as children learn to communicate and cooperate with peers. Our young students learn how to work in a group, follow directions, take turns, and communicate their needs. Through play and interaction with teachers, we encourage pre-literacy skills (through stories and songs), math skills (such as one-to-one correspondence and comparisons), fine motor skills (through drawing, painting and manipulatives), gross motor skills (on the playground, gym and stair walking) and sensory exploration (with paint, sand, shaving cream, etc.)

These groups are designed for children who are two and two and a half. They offer our youngest participants the opportunity to increase their independence and their new-found language and social skills. Books, movement, science, imaginary play and math are all addressed as children move through their school day. Here your children will complete their first art projects, easel paintings and enjoy listening to stories. It is a fun introduction to a school setting with lots of playtime and learning in a small group setting.


Age:  2 by October 1st


Schedules Offered in 24/25:

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00a - 11:30a

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00a - 11:30a

Monday through Friday 9:00a -11:30a

TWOS Enrollment Application

One Certified Teacher and one or two Teacher Assistants with each class of 10 - 15 children.

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