In our Pre-Kindergarten Classes, children continue to work on their social and emotional development as they grow. We encourage creativity and assist children in developing their problem solving skills. They advance their fine motor skills as they continue to practice tracing, cutting, painting, gluing and writing. Their cognitive skills will be challenged as they develop and increase their readiness skills. Letter and number recognition is incorporated in all we do, as we prepare for kindergarten. This work will revolve around featured children’s literature and seasonal themes. The children will also work to learn their addresses and phone numbers as the year progresses. Learning is always hands-on, as preschoolers learn best by doing. We utilize all of children’s senses to make learning meaningful and memorable. New vocabulary and experiences help them to build upon previous knowledge as they continue to grow and develop.

This year of Pre-Kindergarten is designed for the children who are turning four by October 1st. Here we forge ahead further into the world of learning, as we continue to develop school readiness skills. Learning center activities are offered to the children to assist them in increasing their attention span, reinforcing cognitive skills, and introducing new concepts. Whether we are weighing and measuring, tracing and cutting, cooking or baking, reading or writing, we are active learners. We continue to build the children’s confidence and knowledge base, providing them with learning opportunities that will corroborate and challenge. Understanding the way young children learn best, we use play and hands-on experiences to make learning fun and meaningful.


One Certified Teacher and an Assistant with each class of 12-16 children


Age:  4 by October 1st

Schedules Offered:

Monday - Friday 8:45a - 12:45p

Monday - Thursday 8:45a - 2:15p and

Friday 8:45a - 11:45a

Monday - Friday 8:45a - 2:15p

Pre-K Enrollment Application