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Our FIVES class is ideal for children who benefit from additional time before entering formal Kindergarten. The class offers additional reinforcement of school readiness skills. Learning center activities are offered to the children to assist them in further increasing their attention span, reinforcing cognitive skills, and introducing new concepts. An ample amount of time is spent perfecting fine motor skills through writing and creative art activities. We continue to build the children’s confidence and knowledge base, providing them with more learning opportunities to challenge them. Classroom time is balanced between free play, self expression and academic work. Of course, children also continue to work on their social and emotional development as they grow and mature. We encourage creativity and assist children in developing their problem solving skills. They make constant use of their fine motor skills as they trace, cut, paint, glue and write. The children will also review their addresses and phone numbers. Learning is always hands-on.


One Certified Teacher and an Assistant with each class of 15-16 children.


Age: 5 by April 1st

Schedule Offered:

Monday - Friday 8:45a - 2:15p

5+ Enrollment Application

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